Why is diagnosis important?

Basis of every good therapy is a precise analysis of the underlying problems. A good diagnosis is as important as subsequent individual support. We diagnose without stigmatizing.


It is important for us to stress that diagnosis is merely a useful tool to jointly identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, and to offer optimal support for you to overcome your individual challenges. As a snap shot, diagnosis is only a small part of an entire process. Based on diagnosis, we customize our scientifically sound treatment approach to match your individual needs – with optimum efficiency.


And so is our evidence-based approach: to address your individual issues we make use of a comprehensive range of different diagnostic instruments. Examples are clinical interviews, up-to-date neuro-psychological tests, or medial dietary counselling. The treatment’s progress and quality are monitored by subsequent tests.

By request, we additionally compile personal performance profiles irrespective of a certain issue. For example, if you would like to know your own or your child’s IQ. Get in touch with us for a non-binding initial consultation in a pleasant and casual atmosphere.


As a special service, we always expand our diagnosis by an electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement. The EEG measurement records the brain’s electrical signals, as recorded from electrodes placed on the skull surface.

This riskless measurement of brain activity free of pain offers valuable information on underlying biological mechanisms. The information complements examining complex issues. Besides, EEG measurement allows for conducting neurofeedback as valuable supplementary means of therapy. Through neurofeedback, the client can learn to steer brain activity in a desired direction.

We analyze QEEG results with different analysis software products (NeuroGuide, NeuroStat, BrainDX, Analizer).



The latest generation of neurofeedback devices allow to visualize brain activity three-dimensionally, live, and in real time.

Neurofeedback involves brain’s self-regulation, and learning new skills. The client is enabled to become aware of his processes of brain activity. This awareness is of fundamental importance for many disorders.

Brain Avatar displays information on brain activity of 6,000 brain regions on-screen, 40 milliseconds after they took place. The new software “Brain Avatar”, for the first time, allows to train variations of brain activities’ EEG indicators, which can be consciously influenced in real time.

Nowadays, state of the art technology allows to stimulate certain brain regions and networks, and to reach certain frequencies. Changes in the client’s brain are visualized throughout the training duration.