We awake the fighter in you, and support you to grow – even under the most difficult conditions

Having thoroughly analyzed the concern or problems of our clients, we plan interventions with them. Psychotherapeutic and neuro-psychologic measures are evaluated.

Emotions are the key to our brain. Emotions determine what is important to us and what not. Eventually, emotions determine what we learn and what we immediately forget. Everything that characterizes us is, according to current state of knowledge, is our brain. It is, so to say, the home of the soul.

Our guiding principle for our psychotherapeutic work is:

Life is an art we learned from our parents. Psychotherapy is a second chance to learn this art.

Man is, after all, a social and helpful being. Hence, the reason why the human brain was able to reach an advanced development compared to other beings are not at least our emotions. Caring for each other characterizes men, making them the probably most adaptive and teachable being on earth.

We train our new behaviors in light of our culture, interacting with our families or within our social environment. In doing so, neuronal connections are built and deployed in everyday live.

Provided they are inadequate or foster destructive behavior against oneself or others, the behaviors are approached with our resource-oriented model.

Our guiding principle is:

Man becomes destructive to the extent to which he was rejected!

It is emotions which make you – and all of us – unique. Thus, our practice team is with the matter at heart. We also take your wishes to heart.

We take you to heart.

We support you to reach your personal goals. No matter if you want to get rid of upsetting thoughts, improve your attention skills or memory, or if you just want to feel well in your own skin again; we are the right contact person for you.

We offer various treatment methods, either individually or in any combination: psychotherapy, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and approaches applying nutritional medicine.

To assess research findings as basis for treatments, our doctor’s office regularly hosts academic symposiums at university level.

Our practical team model

Doctor’s office

Certified psychologists and neuro-psychotherapists work with our doctor’s office. Additionally, psychotherapeutic junior staff is trained. Consequently, comprehensive care can be provided to a whole family by a well-coordinated team.

The unique opportunity to care for and support various clients on various fields is offered. Each family member is provided with its own therapist, creating an ideal bond of trust. In joint sessions, all family members and therapists come together to tackle the conflicts and find solutions without forcing polarization. The practical examples show this model leads to optimal results.

Treatment options

Various new treatment options, which are latest state of the art, are applied by us. Our interdisciplinary team consists of 13 staff members with various qualifications and different focus of activity. This opens the way for joint growth. We combine psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and nutritional medicine. By combining these fields of study, we are able to satisfy comprehensive needs for care.

Practical example: ADHS

An expert analysis of the individual learning difficulties allows for targeted support of the boy in his learning progress – until he grows out of his difficulties and masters self-reliant learning.

Having completed neuropsychological tests and a QEEG analysis, a protocol and an individual neurofeedback training is offered.

Following the principle “Mens sana in corpore sano” we additionally offer treatment approaches applying nutritional medicine.

Further therapists of our team are available for the child’s parents if they need support themselves.

Upon request by and in consultation with the parents, we also cooperate with the child’s school and teachers. Additionally, we offer collective discussions with all parties concerned.